How do I see all the cards I've linked to Drop?

To view your cards, please follow the below steps:

👤 Profile 
💳 Linked Cards
🏦 Tap on your bank
⏩ Toggle accounts on/off

If you notice an account is missing, the following instances may apply to you: 

👉​ The credit card you're inquiring about is a secondary (authorized) card on one of your currently linked accounts to Drop.

▶​ Purchases completed with the secondary card are still recorded on the same account and this should not make a difference with earning points on Drop.

👉​ The credit card you're inquiring about has recently been replaced/changed and the new number doesn't show within the Drop app.

▶ Have no fear! Our providers are still pulling transactions from the credit card account and the number should automatically update over time.

👉​ The card you're inquiring about is a debit card.

▶ Drop would show the last 4 digits of the checking account number. If you are able to see the last 4 digits of the account number, your account is successfully linked!


Need more help? You can always speak to our Customer Support team:

  • Click My Drop in the app
  • Click the gear in the top right corner —> click Help
  • You’ll be directed to our Chatbot —> follow its prompts, and a ticket will be made