How do I link a card?

When you set up an account as a new Drop member, you'll be asked to link your online banking credentials. We ask our members to proceed with this so that when you make purchases with your Power offer brands, we can award these points automatically.

When linking your card(s), you'll want to use the exact same login credentials you use to sign into your online banking website. This will ensure that all card(s) under that account will sync to your Drop account.

For example, if you have a chequing, savings and a credit card associated with one online banking account, you'll want to use the login for your online banking website for all of these accounts to link successfully.

If you're currently signed into the app and you want to link another account to Drop, tap:

1. Profile (top left)
2. Link a card
3. Select your bank if immediately shown, or search for your bank in the provided text field

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