What does it mean to upgrade my connection?

You have likely received an email or see a notification in-app prompting you to upgrade your connection for a linked card. 

Why did this happen? 

We're switching from a third party provider & partnering directly with your bank to link your card on Drop. 

Why should you upgrade? 

👉​Once you upgrade, your card will be on a more stable connection, reducing the need to relink regularly.
👉You’ll see Drop as a third-party app on your online banking website and can specify what Drop can and can’t access. You can remove access at any time through your bank portal.
👉You'll earn points from card linked offers faster than before because we’ll receive transactions much sooner. 


Got more questions?

Reach out to Customer Support. Here's how: 

👤​ Profile (top left)
​ Scroll down to "Get Help"
👋​ Say hello to Drop's Support Concierge
​ Follow the prompts