1. When does #DropCOVID start and end?

#DropCOVID kicks off on April 2nd, 2021. The movement ends when we hit 20,000 selfies!

The first 10,000 participants will receive 50,000 points ($50), the remaining 10,000 will receive (20,000 points ($20). Points are given on a first-come, first-serve basis. No additional points are awarded after 20,000 vaccine codes have been redeemed. 

See the steps here under “How it works” to get started!


2. Can anyone participate in #DropCOVID?

Eligible participants must live in the US, must be at least 18 years old, not be a Drop Employee, relative or family member, and are able to safely receive a COVID-19 vaccine, and have not been advised or cautioned against receiving a COVID-19 vaccine by a medical practitioner.

Note: vaccine roll-out guidelines may vary by state and include different eligibility requirements. See “How it works” for complete signup instructions. 


3. What counts as a qualifying selfie and Instagram post?

A qualifying selfie must include:

  1. Getting the COVID-19 vaccine administered (please do not include others in your shot)
    You with a "Just got my COVID-19 vaccine" sticker

 Note: Please don’t post a picture of your official vaccination card with your selfie.

A qualifying Instagram post must:

  1. Be posted by a public Instagram profile
  2. Include the hashtag #DropCOVID
  3. Tag @JoinDrop
  4. Include a GeoTag of your location


4. Where can I find and enter my code?

Find your code from your Instagram DMs

In 24 hours of posting your selfie, we’ll send you a DM on Instagram which will include a link to download Drop and your unique code! 

Enter your vaccine code in the Drop app

Once you've downloaded Drop and completed your registration, you’ll find a #DropCOVID card in your Account Profile. Tap the card, and you’ll be prompted to enter your unique vaccine code.




5. When can I expect to receive the points?

The points show up in your account after you’ve:

  1. Entered your unique #DropCOVID code; and
  2. Linked a card to your Drop account

The first 10,000 members who complete Steps 1 and 2 will earn 50,000 points ($50) and the remaining 10,000 will earn 20,000 points ($20). Limit one per person.


6. What if I can't find my bank?

Most major banks can be found when you try to link your account on Drop. However, if you're unable to locate yours, it means it isn't compatible with the app at this time. 


It is required to link a card to Drop to earn points from #DropCOVID. If you're unable to do so, points will not be awarded. 


7. Is Drop involved in vaccine availability, prioritization and state-wide rollout?

Drop is not involved in vaccine availability, prioritization and state-wide rollout. Please contact your state’s public health department for more information.


8. Can I earn points for a friend or family member getting vaccinated?

Any friend or family member posted in your selfie cannot earn points on your Drop account. Only the person who owns the Drop account and meets the selfie requirements (see FAQ #3) can earn points for getting vaccinated.


9. I used a referral code already, can I still earn points for getting a COVID vaccination?

Good news - even if you've used already used an invite code on your account, you will be able to participate in #DropCOVID! Tap onto your Account Profile to enter the unique code we DM'd you on Instagram.