Getting in touch with Support just got easier

You asked. We listened.

Since we introduced the Support Chatbot in August 2020, we've been listening to your feedback and learned that we needed to streamline conversations where a ticket needs to be created.


We focused on improving these 2 key areas: 

  1. Finding where to get help in-app 
  2. Simplifying the journey to create a Missing Points ticket


1. Finding help in-app

Finding where to get help should be easy and intuitive. We assessed the most common concerns our members have so that when you need help, we're there.

We finalized 3 places where you can reach out to get help:

  1. "Help" in your Profile 
  2. Tapping onto your points balance 
  3. Tapping onto a point transaction 

Getting help in-app will launch our Support Chatbot. The Chatbot will triage the type of issue you're having and help get you on the path to creating a ticket if it's unable to solve your concern/issue in the chat.


2. Simplifying the journey to create a Missing Points ticket

Didn't earn points for completing an offer, game, or survey? No problem. Our Chatbot can help you create a ticket to send off to our Support team with ease.

We've streamlined this journey to create a ticket by having the Chatbot ask concise verifying questions.

Responding to these questions can either:

  • Allow us to solve your question in the chat, or
  • Help us gather enough details about the issue to share with our Support team 

If you choose to get extra help and create a ticket, you'll see this redesigned ticket form. πŸ‘‡


Our goal

  • Create a form that was quick and easy to complete
  • Upload up to 3 images to attach to your ticket 
    • This eliminates an extra touchpoint with our Support team, allowing us to review and solve your ticket much faster πŸ˜ƒ

We hope you appreciate and find the improvements we've worked on helpful! There are plenty more improvements underway that we look forward to sharing with you.

Until then, here are some pro-tips on how to get the most out of the Chatbot. 



1. Tap on the buttons the Chatbot responds with 

Our Chatbot understands your questions best when you tap on the buttons it shows as a response. These buttons often lead you down a path of creating a ticket or getting you further information about a topic.

If you choose to type a question, the Chatbot is able to recognize some common questions/concerns such as:

  • I'm missing points
  • I want to update my phone number
  • My card won't relink
  • I haven't gotten my gift card

Please note: The Bot is limited in understanding typed responses. Although it can understand simple questions, you'll get the most of out the Bot by tapping on its buttons. πŸ‘

Here's an example of what happens when you tap onto the Bot's button to create a ticket for missing points:


2. Thumbs up/down responses

We closely monitor the Chatbot's activity to make sure the responses you get are accurate,  meaningful, and most of all, helpful.  

If a response answered your question, let us know by tapping onto the πŸ‘ shown at the end of your chat. If the Bot didn't answer your question, tap the πŸ‘Ž so we can improve it!


3. Opt for the button that closely reflects your concern

If you're unable to submit a ticket because the Chatbot does not present the exact issue you're having, please tap onto a button that is closely related to the problem you're having.

You can provide feedback by responding to the confirmation email after your ticket has been submitted. This will help us get a better idea of the issue you're having, and allow us to improve the Chatbot!