How Drop Support communicates with Members

Here at Drop we constantly review and consider how we approach member security.

Your trust is paramount to us, and that means we must be clear on how we communicate and help you to ensure that using Drop is safe and fun for members.

Below we list the ways that we communicate with you for Support assistance and what we will ask, and will not ask, of members to address questions and concerns.

The following is how Support communicates with you

  • Drop Support communicates with members by email exclusively
  • We ask that members submit tickets through their Drop app for best response time and security
  • We do not ever use text or phone to contact you for Support purposes
  • Setting up 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) can send you an anonymous text with a code, but we will never send you links via text by this method

When assisting a member with a Support request, we will ask for some or all of the following

  • The email listed on your Drop account
  • The last 4 digits of a connected account
  • Receipts for purchases that you have questions about specific to your ticket

  • The phone number listed on your account


We will never ask for, and redact the following if sent to our support team

  • Full account numbers
  • Passwords
  • Bank statements or records

  • Personal information that does not directly relate to a support ticket being investigated at your request