How do I earn points on Drop?

Here are some simple ways to get the most out of being a Drop member:

1. Complete a card-linked offer πŸ’³β€‹ 
Head over to your Card tab (3rd icon), browse through to find what interests you, hit Activate, read the Terms & Conditions, and shop with a linked card. 

2. Complete an in-app shopping offer πŸ‘›β€‹ 
Take a peek at the Shop tab (1st icon) where you can shop tried & true brands or discover something new. Be sure to check the Terms & Conditions and earn those points, ~guilt-free~

3. Play Games  πŸŽ²β€‹ 
Ready, set, go! Tap on an offer in the Games tab (2nd icon), read the requirements, hit the Start Playing button, and download the game. 

4. Take an in-app Survey πŸ“±β€‹ 
Start by completing your Profile survey to specially curate your list of surveys. Featuring our partners Tap Research & inBrain, we've got a variety of surveys each awarding a different amount of points.

5. Refer a friend πŸ‘₯​ 
Drop members can earn 5,000 points for the first 10 friends they invite to Drop - that's up to $50 in rewards! Find your referral code by tapping: Profile > Invite Friends.
*Referral bonuses apply when your friend links a card and confirms the email for their account.

6. Check back often - we love your attention! πŸ‘€β€‹ 
We're constantly rolling out new offers, games, and surveys so be sure to keep an eye out.