What do I do if I don't receive my points?

Please allow up to 8 days for points from your Power offers to appear in your account.

For in-app offers, the average grace period is 60 days, though for a more accurate grace period, please refer to the offer's details and terms. Each in-app offer has a unique window to award points, and the details and terms are the best place to locate this information.

If you do not receive your points within the promised grace period, and the app has not notified you of a service outage with that card, please submit a support ticket within the app by tapping: Profile (top left) > Support. You can also contact us at support@earnwithdrop.com so we can help get you closer to that reward.

Each merchant and banking institution is different, so the timing of issuing points will vary. Be sure to enable push notifications in the app so you can stay up to date with your points total. 😎