Who can join Drop?

Almost anybody in Canada or the US can join Drop! 

Do you have personal online banking for a debit or credit account? If you do, you’re already one step closer to being a Drop member.

Members must link a bank account (either debit or credit) to their Drop account to earn points. We understand this is a huge ask which is why we've built high-security restrictions so that you can confidently shop through Drop.

We also ask our members to verify their accounts with a valid mobile phone number as an added layer of security. This two-factor authentication process is what ensures the security and safety of your account.

When entering your number, you can only enter your mobile phone number with a local carrier. We do not support VoIP numbers (Voice Over IPs) as well as phone numbers registered to:  Skype, Google Voice, Freedompop and Vonage. We apologize if this causes any inconvenience.