What information does Drop collect about me?

Drop collects data for 2 categories: 

1. Basic User Information πŸ‘€β€‹ 

πŸ‘‰β€‹  Name
πŸ‘‰β€‹  Gender
πŸ‘‰β€‹  Date of Birth
πŸ‘‰β€‹  Email Address 

2. Linked Cards πŸ’³β€‹ 

πŸ‘‰β€‹  Transactional data

All of the information above helps us personalize your experience on Drop, or award points automatically (i.e.: points for card-linked offers). We also may use it for security purposes to identify the owner of the account.

Rest assured, our priority is to keep your data safe. Click here to learn more about Drop's security philosophy. πŸ”β€‹