How do I earn points faster?

It's been our dream to help members earn points in easy and fun ways.

Here are some ways for you to earn at lightning speed ⚡️

1. Complete an In-App Shopping offer 🛍

These types of offers will not require you to use a linked card. Navigate to the Home tab, tap on Shop in the top left corner of the screen, and have fun browsing through all the brands! 

Note: These offers will likely require you to shop/signup directly through the app. Be sure to take a peek at those Terms + Conditions! 

2. Fill Out a Survey ðŸ§ 

Brought to you by Drop, and our partners - inBrain & Tap Research. Watching a show and a commercial comes on? Fill out a survey and earn points within minutes. Navigate to the Home tab, and tap on Surveys in the top center of the screen. 

3. Play Games 👾

We've got an array of downloadable games that you could earn points on. Navigate to the Home tab, and tap on Games in the top right corner. Not a huge fan of those? No worries! We've got member favorites including Hoops, Snake & Drop Spin (every Tuesday). 

Pro-tip: Shop 5 times in the Drop app and activate a Supercharge Snake game - the easiest way to earn some bonus points. Check out 'How does Drop Supercharge work?' for more info.

4. Card-Linked Offers 💳

Navigate to the Card tab and scroll through to find card-linked offers you can activate and start earning from. Read through the Terms + Conditions to find out about minimum spending requirements & other offer steps. 

Note: It can take up to 7 days for your bank to sync the transaction with Drop. 

5. Refer Friends & Family 👥

There's nothing better than being the first one to put your friends & family onto something. Want to know what makes this sweeter? Earning points for it. Find out more about our referral program here