I can't find my bank in the Drop app - can I still join?

Short Answer: Yes, of course! 

Here are some of the ways you can earn: 
πŸ‘›β€‹ ​In-app shopping offers (see the Shop tab)
πŸ“±β€‹ Participate in surveys + contests
πŸŽ²β€‹ Play games
πŸ‘₯​ Refer a friend

Reasons why your bank is not supported at the moment
πŸ‘‰β€‹ This bank/financial institution isn't incompatible with the Drop app,
πŸ‘‰β€‹ The bank may be experiencing unforeseen delays,
πŸ‘‰β€‹ The credit union isn't supported by Plaid or Finicity yet.

Other Important Notes
➑️ institutions such as PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, Chime, KOHO, Varo, Plastiq, etc. are incompatible with Drop at this time. 
➑️ Apple Pay is supported on Drop if you can locate your bank in our list of supported institutions. If you're not able to find your bank, Apple Pay cannot link to Drop.