Can I earn points for referring a friend?

Absolutely, sharing Drop love is encouraged! Here's how you can earn some free points:

Used a referral code from a friend or Influencer?
The referral bonus will appear after earning your first 1,000 points! 

Looking to refer a friend? 
Find your referral code by tapping on the Profile icon in the Drop app (top-left corner)


If you don't see these points post, here are a few pro-tips to consider:

1. Your friend hasn't earned their first 1,000 points yet
Points for referring a friend appear after they've earned their first 1,000 points. Your referral bonus will appear automatically after they achieve this!

If your friend earned their first 1,000 points and you haven't seen your referral points, please connect with our Support team - we'd love to help out.

Submit a ticket by tapping: Profile > Support > Referrals

2. You've linked a bank account or a Joint bank account that's shared with another Drop member.
If you were referred to Drop by someone you share a Joint bank account with and they've linked this Joint account to Drop, unfortunately the referral bonus will not post. At this time, our platform cannot support both accounts if the secondary card holder links it to their Drop account as well. In addition, linking a bank account that another Drop member has linked to their account will not post a referral bonus. Please link an account that only belongs to you to earn a referral bonus. 
Note: See article "I have a joint banking account - Will I earn points when the secondary card makes purchases?" for further information.

3. Already earned referral points for the first 10 friends you've invited.
Drop members can earn 5,000 points for the first 10 friends they invite to Drop. Any additional referrals made do not earn points, but these friends do get the awesome opportunity to explore the newest, and most fun way to earn points all thanks to you! 😉

4. Self-referred
Referral bonuses are one of the easiest ways to earn points, but unfortunately, referring yourself to Drop doesn't qualify as a legitimate referral. Please invite your friends, family members, or the barista at your favourite coffee shop to earn a referral bonus.