How do Drop referral codes work?

When you find a great deal it makes sense to share it with the people you love! With Drop, you can earn points for referring friends and family to the app. You can find your own referral code by tapping: 

  1. Profile (top left),
  2. Invite Friends 

When you land on this screen, you’ll find many different ways to share your referral code - through text (where the code is in the text link!), Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more! 


Once the person you’re referring to Drop links a card and confirms their email, both of you should see 5,000 points added to your account within 24 hours!

 If you’re new to Drop and you’re looking to use a referral code, you can tap:

  1. Profile,
  2. Enter Invite Code,
  3. Enter the referral code you received

Hopefully you’ve already linked a card and confirmed your email with us, but if not, you’ll want to take action to both of these steps to see the referral bonus apply!