Can I apply a promo code to my in-app purchase?

Short Answer: If it was advertised on the Drop app, yes. If it is an external promo code, no. 

Stacked Deals
We have collaborated with our partners to bring you Stacked Deals! These are promo codes and/or sales that you can combine with your orders, and it won't affect your eligibility to earn points! ✅

External Promo Codes
These are discounts that are advertised on the brand's website, or sent to you through newsletters, an affiliate link from your favourite influencer, or maybe found on a Reddit forum. Unfortunately, when external promos are combined, this can cause your transaction to void out and not earn points. 

We know our members love getting those deals, and we're constantly working on giving you all more opportunities to save & shop - all at the same time!🤑