I don't see points - when will points post?

Earning points from shopping helps us feel a little less guilty, right?

Now the question is - when will points post? Points will post within the grace period mentioned in every offer; you can find these details in the offer's How it Works or Terms of Conditions.

How long is a grace period?

Grace periods can range from 1-60 days (on average) after you've fulfilled the offer's requirements. Most of our offers will show a PENDING status once we've confirmed your purchase with our partners.

Don't see a pending status?

If you don't see a PENDING status next to your points, we may still be waiting for a confirmation of your purchase. Before checking in with our Support team, please allow the full grace period to elapse. 

Why should I wait the grace period?

The grace period gives us time to verify your purchase or new account with our partners.

We want to deliver your points as quickly as possible, and while we work to do this, we ask members to please allow the grace period to fully elapse before reaching out to Support. 


Here are some other common questions related to this topic: 

Why do my points say Confirming?

As part of our commitment to helping you see your points track sooner, we show a CONFIRMING status for most offers. Because we’re trying to surface this information to you faster you may not see the exact number of points right away.

This status can last the entire offer's grace period while we wait to hear more information from our partners. If the points do not post after the grace period has elapsed, skip to the bottom of this article to click the link to submit a ticket.  

Completed an offer and don’t see a pending status yet?

We work with a few awesome partners and not all of our offers are set up to show a PENDING status. We’re working to improve this to help our members have a consistent experience across all of our offers. We appreciate your patience in the meantime!

I have double-checked the grace period, and it’s gone past. What should I do?

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes transactions will go through an extended or delayed grace period when our partner requests more time to review the offer completion (ie. transaction or new account sign up).

If this happens, points may be delayed until the partner verifies your transaction. Feel free to contact our Support team if you need further information on an offer you completed. 

 To contact Support, tap: Profile (top-left) > Support > Missing Points