I don't see points - when will points post?

Short Answer: It depends on the offer, and on how fast our partners verify your purchase/signup. βœ…

Each offer has a unique Point Delivery banner, where it will indicate how many days until points are delivered to your account. πŸ“¬

Head over to the offer page! Using Sephora as an example, here's what you should see: 

Image_from_iOS__1_.jpg     Image_from_iOS__2_.jpg

Once Pending points appear, they'll show up in your Points menu at the very top. Here's how to see this: 

🏠 Home tab
🟣 Points menu (top right, purple button)
⏬ Tap on the transaction you're waiting for points on
πŸ‘‰ Status will show whether your purchase is still being verified and when you can expect points to post

It should look something like this ⬇️


If the full Point Delivery timeframe has elapsed, and you still don't see pending points or your points are stuck in pending, contact Customer Support - they'll be able to investigate for you. πŸ”

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