When will my points post?


Each offer has a unique grace period ranging anywhere from 5-100 days depending on the offer. You can check the grace period in the terms and conditions section on the offer page. Once the grace period has concluded, you can expect your points to post!

What are pending points?

Pending points are pending approval from one of our partners. This is our way of communicating to you that we've recognized your purchase (you completed the offer correctly!), but we still need to give our partners time to verify the transaction. Once the transaction is  approved, the pending status will disappear and the points will be added to your total points balance (and get you closer to that next great reward!).

Why do my points say confirming?

As part of our commitment to helping you see your points tracking sooner we’re introducing confirming as a status for some of our offers. Because we’re trying to surface this information to you faster you won’t see the exact number of points. This status can last 3-10 days while we wait to hear more information. If the points do not move into pending shortly after please let us know!

I completed the offer through the app - why don’t I see my points pending?

For some of our offers it can take the whole grace period to hear back from our partners. We’re working hard to streamline this process but in the meantime, our CS team may need to wait through the whole grace period before investigating the transaction further. We really appreciate your patience while we work on improving this process!

I have double-checked the grace period, and it’s gone past. What should I do?

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes transactions will go through an extended or delayed grace period when our partner requests a little more time to review everything. This means that the grace period may run a little longer than what was originally expected. Our CS team will be happy to confirm the status if you submit a support ticket - we’re always here to answer any questions you have about your points!