Do returned/exchanged items earn points?

Refunded, returned or exchanged purchases do not qualify for Drop points.

Here are some other common reasons why your purchase won't qualify for points:

- Your purchase was fully refunded
- Your purchase had a partial refund, which we've adjusted points for
- Your purchase was exchanged, which processed a new transaction outside of the Drop app
- Your subscription was cancelled before the required time
- Your reservation was cancelled or unattended

Exchanged purchases are essentially seen as a return of the initial purchase and an initiation of a new transaction. As a result, the purchase is considered ineligible by our partners because the exchange is seen as a new transaction made outside of the Drop app. 

Occasionally, merchants encounter shipping issues and process a reshipment of the product. If you happened to experience this, please connect with the Customer Support team by submitting a ticket in-app or email: