Why isn't my bank supported anymore?

Short Answer: Persistent connectivity issues.

While we want to support all financial institutions, banks that frequently have trouble linking to our platform have been removed from our systems. Our fingers are crossed that your preferred bank will be supported by our providers in the near future! 

Did you know some offers don't even need a linked card?
Use your unlinked cards on offers that only require you to shop in-app & through a button. Offer descriptions will specifically say if you need a linked card or not. This way, you don't miss out on offers you want to complete! βœ…

Here are some other ways to earn on Drop:
πŸ‘›β€‹ ​In-app shopping offers (see the Shop tab)
πŸ“±β€‹ Participate in surveys + contests
πŸŽ²β€‹ Play games
πŸ‘₯​ Refer a friend