Why is my bank experiencing connectivity issues?

We understand that interruptions to your linked account on Drop can be quite frustrating. Our service providers, Plaid and Finicity, can sometimes experience these unforeseen interruptions when:

1. There are ongoing improvements to your bank's online banking website.
This requires Plaid and Finicity to build support for these new features. Improvements like this can be resolved in a short period of time for less complex issues, though depending on the complexity of the problem, sometimes a solution can take longer to reflect.

2. There are changes to your banks' internal systems preventing third-party providers like Plaid and Finicity from syncing your accounts successfully.
Similar to the reason above, sometimes banks will undergo changes to their internal systems which can temporarily block Finicity or Plaid from syncing properly. These types of issues are generally more complex and can take an extended period of time to resolve. In cases like this, we notify our members of the delays or share in-app banners so you're kept in the loop!

Please don't hesitate to connect with our Customer Success team to double check the health of your bank! We'll be happy to share the information that's visible to us so we can support you.