Why is my bank experiencing connectivity issues?

Short Answer: Your bank is making some changes on their end.

We know connectivity issues can get frustrating - here's some common reasons why it happens: 

1. There are ongoing improvements to your bank's online banking website. πŸ’»

This requires Plaid and Finicity to build support for these new features. Improvements are usually resolved within a matter of days, but if the connectivity issues persist, there may be a larger issue at hand. 

2. There are changes to your banks' internal systems preventing third-party providers like Plaid and Finicity from syncing your accounts successfully. πŸ“΅

Banks may undergo changes to their internal systems which temporarily block Finicity or Plaid from syncing transactions. 

3. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) πŸ”‚

If you're constantly being asked to relink your card, it may be that your bank utilizes security questions as a form of MFA which expires after a session. A session will typically end after exiting the app, which may prompt you to repeat this process again. 


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