I can't link my account, what do these error messages mean?

Having trouble linking an account to Drop?

This article will go over the most common error messages that can appear when trying to link your account. 

Common Card Linking Error Messages

1. Invalid Credentials

If you're linking your online banking credentials for the first time and get this error message...

We encourage members to double-check there weren't any spelling or character mistakes when entering your password. You should be using the same login credentials for online or mobile banking.

If you're relinking this account and get this error message, consider:
(relinking = credentials that are already set up to your Drop account, you were asked to verify them again)

- Have you recently changed/updated the username or password for this bank account?
Try: Unlinking this account (tap: Profile > Linked Cards > Choose the account > tap "Unlink Card") and linking it again with the new credentials.

- Have you checked your online banking website (not app) for new service agreements or promotional messages that need a response?
Try: Check your online banking website for any of the notices we mentioned above. Our providers can't continue syncing your account if these notices appear.

- Does your bank have multi-factor authentication turned on for this bank account?
Try: Respond to these prompts in a timely manner. They're likely appearing because of your bank's high-security measures but ultimately, they just want to know if this is you. This should stop once the bank has verified this credential on the Drop platform. 

2. Try connecting a different account

This error message normally appears when our providers, Plaid, are experiencing a temporary network delay with your bank. Once the issue is resolved you'll be able to link the account with no problems. Card linking at this time won't be successful. 

3. Not authorized for online use

Similar to the second point in Invalid Credentials, this error message normally appears when there is a notice waiting for your response on your online banking account. Plaid has suggested checking for this notice on your online banking website - not app.

The most common notices are prompts to respond to security verification questions, dismiss new service agreements or promotions. For Plaid to successfully sync your data, these types of messages need to be responded to.

After logging into your online banking, try linking your account back to Drop. 

4. "There is an issue." or Invalid

If you're logging back into Drop after quite some time, you may notice your linked card hasn't earned points. To ensure the security of your account, your credentials will unlink if there is prolonged inactivity. You will need to link these credentials again - tap: Profile > Link a Card > Choose your bank > Enter your credentials. 
*Points will not be earned for purchases while the account was unlinked.