I can't link my account, what do these error messages mean?

There are a few things to consider if you notice your Drop account suddenly stops earning points from Power offers. Here are a few common error messages you might receive when encountering issues when linking your account:

1. Invalid Credentials

When a member receives a message that their credentials are invalid, it means that the credentials entered do not match an account that our providers can locate with your bank. Here are some things to think of:

- Have you replaced your card recently? Were you required to create new online banking credentials? If this applies to you, please follow the instructions in this article.

- Have you checked your online banking website for any new service agreements that require your immediate response once logged in? Or are there promotional advertisements such as ones that promote new credit cards, mortgage rates, etc.? If there are prompts that sound similar to this, please address this on your online banking website before reverifying your credentials with Drop. Our providers, Plaid, cannot surpass this notification without your response.

- Are there any prompts for you in the Drop app to reverify your online banking credentials? If messages like this go unresponded, Drop isn’t able to continue providing you a personalized experience, and we wouldn’t be able to award points for your Power offer purchases. Please reverify your online banking credentials by tapping on the orange banner in-app, or tap: Profile > Linked Cards > Choose the bank affected > Fix.

2. Try connecting a different account

This normally happens when our providers, Plaid, are experiencing a temporary network error with your bank. Unfortunately, our team can’t link a member's credentials on their behalf for security reasons, though we encourage trying again in the near future to allow Plaid some time to resolve these delays.

3. Not authorized for online use

Similar to the last point in Invalid Credentials, this message normally lets us know that there is an action requiring your response on your online banking website. The most common cases are prompts to answer security verification questions, (this can appear so that access is permitted to Plaid to start syncing your transactions) or dismiss promotional advertisements. Plaid requires you to respond to this to re-authenticate access to your account, since they can’t approve or dismiss these types of prompts on your behalf. 

Once you respond, Plaid will be able to sync your transactions again and Drop can go back to personalizing your shopping experience - meaning you’ll be on your way to a great reward soon!