Why do I see a "Maintenance fee" of 2,500 points?

We're working hard to improve the Drop app and give our members more opportunities to earn and redeem points.

Our most recent app update addresses accounts that aren't currently active on Drop with a new "maintenance fee." An account is considered inactive when a given member hasn't logged into the Drop app for 6 months or more. 2,500 points will be deducted from inactive accounts after each month of inactivity as part of our maintenance fee.

Please note that only shopping with your linked card will not qualify as activity on Drop. 

For example, if you haven't logged into your Drop account since June 3rd, 2019, 2,500 points will be deducted from your account on January 3rd, 2020. The 6 month period considers any potential re-engagement of your Drop account. For every month of continued inactivity, another 2,500 points will be deducted.

How do I prevent this maintenance fee from applying?

By logging into your Drop app frequently!

What makes Drop possible is your continued support. We aim to bring value to your daily spending, and shopping through the Drop app will help maintain your status as a loyal, valuable member of Drop.