App Troubleshooting

Here are some basic troubleshooting measures that often help clear up small problems members experience in the app from time-to-time: 

1. Check the App Store or Google Play Store for an app update

2. Restart your Drop app

3. Restart your device

4. Check if your device is in power-saving/low battery mode. 

5. Check your WiFi connection, and see if Drop performs better off of WiFi 


We're constantly improving the app to provide a more seamless experience for our members. If you're encountering a few hiccups, check for an update on your designated app store.

For iOS users, you can follow this Apple article that'll walk you through how to locate an app update, and for Android users, you can follow this article.


Need more help? You can always speak to our Customer Support team:

  • Click My Drop in the app
  • Click the gear in the top right corner —> click Help
  • You’ll be directed to our Chatbot —> follow its prompts, and a ticket will be made