Basic App Troubleshooting

Here are some basic troubleshooting measures that might just get your Drop app up & running again: 

1. Restart your Drop app ​ 

If you're noticing your Drop app is lagging, doing a quick restart of the Drop app can normally resolve this. 

2. Restart your phone📱​ 

Imagine not turning off your computer for an extended period of time - it'll eventually run a little slower than you expect, right? The concept extends to your mobile device. Restart your phone to refresh the operating system.

3. Check your WiFi connection 📶​ 

Interruptions to your WiFi connection can prevent certain screens in the Drop app from loading. We suggest toggling the Wifi switch off and on to help refresh this connection. 

4. Check the App Store or Google Play Store for an app update 🔨​ 

We're constantly improving the app to provide a more seamless experience for our members. If you're encountering a few hiccups, check for an update on your designated app store.

For iOS users, you can follow this Apple article that'll walk you through how to locate an app update, and for Android users, you can follow this article.

5. Check if IFA is toggled on (iOS only) 🍎​  

👉What is Identifier for Advertisers (IFA)?
Found only in Apple iOS devices. You can find more information about this setting in this article published by Apple.

👉​ So, how does this affect using Drop?
The partners we work with use this technology so that offer completions made through Drop can be easily recognized, and let us know if certain actions are eligible to earn points. 

👉Enable IFA
     ▶​  Go back to the main settings page
     ▶​ ​ Scroll down and tap Privacy
     ▶​  Tap Apple Advertising
     ▶​ ​ Toggle Personalized Ads on

If you're still experiencing issues with Drop after trying these 5 tips, send us a line at and we can investigate further. 🔍​