How do I participate in Challenges?

Challenges will appear when you open the Drop app. If you're not shared a Challenge when you open the app, you can also check out the Shop tab, or your My Offers tab. 

The Challenge card will let you know how many points you can earn for shopping with your linked card. After activating the offer, you can always reference back to it when you tap onto your My Offers tab.

Challenges will be shared on a regular cadence and will be personalized based on where you love to shop! This means that you may be shared a Challenge that another friend won't see. 

Where can I find my Challenge?

              Opening the app:                                      Your Shop tab:


Note: Challenges may not be available to every member. They are in limited quantities so be sure to opt-in to Drop notifications so you never miss out. 

If you're not able to find a Challenge in the Drop app, feel free to connect with the Support team for more information by submitting an in-app ticket.