Why were Power Offers removed? Introducing Flash Deals

We love Power offers as much as the next Drop member, though we had to make the tough call and remove Power offers on Drop. 

We're evolving the app to help members earn points in many other ways other than shopping, and taking this step is part of our growth. 

Countless members chose their Power offers when they first joined Drop, but over time, they no longer shop at these brands. We designed Power offers to reward you for the shopping you do every day, with your most relevant brands. 

So we've rethought Power offers to bring you the most value.

We're excited to introduce, Flash Deals.

Flash Deals will feature brands you know and love, and you'll have the opportunity to earn points when you shop with a linked card - in-store or online. With Flash Deals, you stand to earn a lot more points in one purchase than your Power offers ever got you - by a long shot.

For more information on getting a Flash Deal, check out this article.