How do I earn points from Surveys?

Surveys from the Just For You category

These surveys are specially selected based on the Survey profile you completed (where you entered details about yourself). We use this information to curate a collection of surveys from which you can earn up to a certain amount of points after completion.

Each survey awards a unique amount of points which you'll see in the title of the survey. 

Please note: Not all survey completions award the full amount of points - this is called partial points. Members who earn partial points after finishing a survey do not fit the full criteria of the survey audience; however, for your provided responses that fit the survey criteria, partial points are awarded.

Surveys from the Featured category

These surveys are quick to complete and help you earn a little bonus for your time. They generally featured brands or topics relevant to offers you see on Drop.

Tap and hold down onto your response to submit your answer. Points are awarded once the survey has been completed.