What is the Games Master collectible?

The Games Master collectible is a new way for you to earn with Drop!

For 5,000 points, you can redeem this collectible to play Drop Pets, where you'll be able to raise a pet from egg to full-grown friend.

How does Drop Pets work?

Until your egg hatches, you can tap on it once a day for a surprise -- after it hatches, the goal is to build happiness with your personal pet, with daily activity that costs 10 points raising your pet's happiness and leading to fun bonuses. You can interact with your pet once per day.

What happens if I miss a day?

Missing a day will cause their happiness meter to go down, so consistency is key!

Why does it cost points to take care of my pet?

Much like a real pet, it's important to invest in your friendship. Your investment will not go to waste, as building your relationship will result in a gift that will help you to earn and redeem even faster.

Can I access Drop Pets without redeeming for the collectible?

Drop Pets is exclusive to the collectible, and while we have limited quantities of unique pets, we are always looking to add more opportunities for our members to earn in fun and rewarding ways!


Need more help? You can always speak to our Customer Support team:

  • Click My Drop in the app
  • Click the gear in the top right corner —> click Help
  • You’ll be directed to our Chatbot —> follow its prompts, and a ticket will be made