What's the Beauty Buff Collectible?

The Beauty Buff collectible is a new way for you to earn while buying your beauty products!

When you claim this collectible for 3,000 points, you’ll earn bonus points on your purchases at eligible brands. An important note is that once you’ve redeemed this collectible, you won’t have to redeem it more than once.

When will my shops be counted towards my Beauty Bonus?

While point delivery varies from offer to offer, your Beauty Bonus will be applied as soon as your points are delivered.

Even if it takes a bit longer to get your points, your Beauty Bonus will still apply based on the day that you shopped.

If for some reason, we missed your shop from a previous period, it will be applied to your next season to give you a head start.

If I shopped last season, but Drop didn’t register my shop until this season, then what month will that shop be counted in?

In most cases, your shops will be counted based on the transaction date. So even in the situation where Drop doesn’t register the shop until the next season, you’ll still have the shop counted and bonused (if applicable) for the season in which you shopped.

What are the maximum rewards a Beauty Bonus can get me?

When you complete the full Beauty Bonus of 4 shops in a season, you’ll have received a total of 1,900 extra points just for shopping! 

How will I know when a season starts and ends?

We’ll let you know when a new season starts, and add a helpful countdown for when the season will end when there are 30 days remaining. 

Please note that these bonuses can only be claimed by redeeming the Beauty Buff Collectible. No more spots open? Please keep your eyes on the Rewards section for when we launch new ones!


Need more help? You can always speak to our Customer Support team:

  • Click My Drop in the app
  • Click the gear in the top right corner —> click Help
  • You’ll be directed to our Chatbot — follow its prompts, and a ticket will be made