My Linked Card Keeps Unlinking -- Multi-Factor Authentication Issue

If you have successfully linked your card but it keeps unlinking every few minutes, it's usually an MFA issue.

The purpose of MFA (also known as Two-Factor Authentication) is to ensure security for your account, though since our providers don't always have the built-in support for new security updates, here are some troubleshooting measures:

  • Removing the MFA setting from your bank account temporarily to link the account to Drop
  • Relinking your credentials every now and then, as MFA security questions rotate & can cause unlinking
  • Wait until our providers build this support so you can link this account in the future


Need more help? You can always speak to our Customer Support team:

  • Click My Drop in the app
  • Click the gear in the top right corner —> click Help
  • You’ll be directed to our Chatbot — follow its prompts, and a ticket will be made